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Couples Therapy for Everyone!

Whether you have been dating along time, engaged, or have been married 50 years, we are here to help.

Marriage Counseling Colorado Springs

We are happy to welcome you to marriage counseling Colorado Springs.

Are you finding that you are having marriage problems? We see clients for pre marriage counseling, relationship counselling, and marriage counselling.

These are a few different types of marriage counseling that we offer to the community.

We see couples that attend our Colorado Springs counseling services go from struggling and a relationship that is really on the rocks, to a happy couple with a smooth sailing relationship.

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Couples Counseling

spokane marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

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Premarital Counseling


Marriage Counseling Colorado Springs

colorado springs couples therapy

We understand that so many of you may have experienced confusion and have been hurt in your relationship. The way someone said something and the way it was interpreted were vastly different. You have experienced miscommunications.

You may have even experienced manipulations. All of these, rather intentional or unintentional are hurtful. We have seen many couples hurt by this and it is our ultimate goal to help you learn to understand each other and properly apologize so that you may both feel the reconciliation that you desire and deserve.

We are best at what we do because we see through to our clients. Our counselors here at marriage counseling Colorado Springs have gone to so much schooling, they have put their time in and it shows in how well they do their work.

Our mission is to provide you and your spouse with the best marriage counseling near me that you can possibly get. We want you to create goals, and create a beautiful sense of communication with your spouse while you are in couples counseling near me.

With doing this you will have a stronger sense of self confidence, you will have more faith in your spouse and your relationship, and you will have a healthier family dynamic. You will see some huge results in couples therapy and everyone in your family and everyone around you will benefit from the tools that you gain and apply in your life from couples therapy Colorado Springs.

Why Choose Us?

Have you ever looked at a couple and thought, “man how do they do it?” Do you have a “relationship goals” couple in your life that you look up to? What is it that you admire?

Is it their sweet words that they say to each other when you are around? Is it the way that they look into each other's eyes when they are talking? There are so many different admirable qualities in couples.

It is easy to look at couples around yourself and compare them to what others have. We have been assisting couples in ways in which not to compare for years. Comparing can be very damaging.

We help to find the best qualities in your relationship and help you to see that as well. We not only want to and help you to see these qualities but to also build upon them, and grow in your struggle areas.

We help others the best here at marriage counseling Colorado Springs because of these five things:

  • We take the time with our clients
  • We listen to understand
  • We go at the pace that both you and your significant other are comfortable with
  • We make scheduling simple and easy
  • We have the highest skilled counselors

If you are interested in how couples counselling can change your life CALL FOR COLORADO SPRINGS MARRIAGE COUNSELING TODAY.

What To Expect?

Our counseling is tested and tried. We have had clients coming to us for years seeing a change begin as a mustard seed and grow into a massive sturdy tree. They gain confidence that they did not have before coming to couples therapy near me.

Our clients love the peace that comes through becoming more self aware and seeing their spouse become more self aware. It is known that more self aware people have better connected relationships.

They realize how what they do and what they say affects their significant other. Because of this knowledge they do their best to better themselves so that their spouse will be continually happy.

We want your spouse to be your favorite person to be around. We desire for you to thrive and be the best you that you can be when you are around each other. You will learn how to do that here in couples counseling Colorado Springs.

You will fill out this form or call here first thing first. From there you will be pointed into the direction of the doorway to success with your counselor.

They will walk you through your life step by step and your relationship and you will begin to see where you need to improve in your marriage. You will get the help and guidance and suggestions you need.

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Marriage therapy, premarital counseling, and christian marriage counseling Colorado Springs are three counseling services we offer. We know that each phase of marriage and life are equally important.

We want to spend time with you both before and after marriage depending on where you are needing guidance. Come and let us help you.

Pre marriage counseling

Why do you need counseling before even being married? Well it is very simple. Marriage is difficult and this is why you will need premarital counseling Colorado Springs.

You never go into marriage thinking it is going to be hard, and thinking you are going to be one of the 50% of marriages that end in divorce. Yet couples do.

So we take the time with you beforehand to make sure you know the things you need to know before getting married.

Marriage counseling

If you need help in your marriage we are prepared and have everything you need to gain the help you need. If you are religious we have christian counseling here.

We will help you learn HOW to apply the golden rule into your marriage in marriage counseling. Treat your spouse as you would like to be treated.

About Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Colorado has about 478,000 people living here. Denver is the biggest city with more people, and Colorado Springs is runner up.

Colorado Springs has the most perfect weather. It is never too cold and never too hot. It is filled with foliage of trees, bushes, and all the pretty flowers.

Colorado Springs is highly populated by the military. It also is known for its huge high tech industry and tourism, probably for its beauty and wonderful moderate weather.

Colorado Springs sets many movies and TV series and also has the U.S olympic training center. It has the pro rodeo hall of fame. It has many talented people here, if you must.

We have beautiful cities nearing us in Colorado Springs:

  1. Monument, CO
  2. Woodland Park, CO
  3. Manitou Springs, CO
  4. Cascade, CO
  5. Cripple Creek, CO
  6. Green mountain falls, CO
  7. Victor, CO
  8. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling

Does couples counseling help?

Yes it does help so much. You will see a difference in not only your spouse but also in yourself. If you are struggling then clearly something is not working out and you could use some help. Give couples counseling a try and find out this change you can see for yourself.

What if we cannot afford it?

Do not let this worry stop you if you cannot afford it. We say it is better to figure out how to afford counseling rather than figuring out how to afford a divorce. We try to make it affordable for all so that you can not be financially more stressed. Give us a call and we can chat about different payment options.

Are you partnered with insurance companies?

Yes. We do have some insurance companies that we are in partnership with. If you are wondering if your insurance is one of them then give us a call today and we will let you know.

Do I have to go for a whole year?

No. If you are seeing the changes you would like to see well before a year then you are welcome to stop coming at that point. At whatever point you have accomplished your goal then you have accomplished counseling. Your counselor can work with you when you are ready to decide if you are ready to be done.

How will I know if it is working and worth continuing relationship therapy?

If you are becoming happier with your relationship, if you have things each week that you are working on that are making you a better person than you will know it is working. If you would like to continue to see and make these changes then it will be well worth it to continue counseling.

What exactly does it mean when you say you have christian counseling?

What this means when we say that we have christian counseling is that our counselors love God. They live by His teachings and therefore use it in their counseling if you want it. “Love others as thyself” is what they teach you to do. You cannot love your spouse if you do not truly and deeply love yourself. They also have no judgment. God is the only one to judge and He teaches us to not judge others. Therefore they do not judge and they just have compassion and love toward you in your situation. They see your potential for something great in your relationship and help you work your best to achieve that.

Client Testimonials

My husband and I have loved our counselor here! She is so nice and has taught us how to actually listen to each other. It has been a long road during relationship counseling and we have both learned so many new skills.

Madilyn Lowee

Our insurance covered part of it, as one of the counselors was in service with our insurance company. We were so happy to get counseling for an affordable price. That made the jump to going to counseling much easier.

Spencer Smith

We are connected! I figured out why when I ask my husband to do something he gets triggered and then doesn’t do anything at all. It used to make me so frustrated so then I was triggered when he was triggered. Haha We broke the cycle and get way more done together now while both remaining happy.

Heather Dunnley

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Come see us soon! We give the best marriage advice for those who are most needing it in their life with relationship counseling Colorado Springs.

Pre marriage counseling Colorado Springs will answer all of your questions regarding marriage and will set you up for success. Christian counseling Colorado Springs is there to help you grow in your relationship as you grow in your gospel love as well. Couples counseling Colorado Springs will strengthen your relationship in all ways you could possibly imagine.

Call today and we will get you all set up to come and meet with one of our fabulous counselors at marriage counseling Colorado Springs.

Marriage Counseling Colorado Springs

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